CODA Paper Art 2021 | Shortdocu Colette Vermeulen
Visual artist and designer Colette Vermeulen attended ArtEZ in Arnhem, and the Royal College of Art in London. She worked as a fashion and textile and after a successful career in fashion, she felt a growing need to create autonomous visual artworks. In 2016 she became artist-in-residence at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture in Arizona, USA. Here, she discovered how to express her artistic ambitions using paper and paper collages. Once settled in Berlin, she focussed on designing and creating sculptures, screen prints, and furniture. Her sculptures are inspired by geometric shapes, architecture, and by shapes that occur in nature and the human body. She works with handmade, unprocessed base materials like paper and paper pulp because of how these materials are connected to handcraft and the artisanal. Vermeulen works in an intuitive way; she is constantly in touch with the material, creating room for surprises and spontaneity.
The full film can be viewed here.

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